Pack Monday Fair 2022 and beyond…

Pack Monday Fair 2022 and beyond…

The Pack Monday Fair in Sherborne is one of the UK’s longest running street fairs, tracing its origin back as far as 1790. It is traditionally held on the first Monday after the 10th October and this year was held on the 17th October. The event was a huge success and saw over 150 stalls line the streets of Sherborne, a 20% increase on the previous year.

Pack Monday Fair takes place in and around Cheap Street, Digby Road and Half Moon Street and offers a variety of traditional stalls, food zones and local arts and crafts. Some of the traders have been coming to Pack Monday fair for over 30 years.

Sherborne Castle Estates hold the rights to the fair and Events Crew agreed a five-year deal in 2018 to run the event under licence. They did so with a goal to continue this historic event but add new elements which would make this a true weekend celebration of Sherborne and what it has to offer. Events Crew added a craft fair, music nights, live music on the day featuring local musicians and in 2022 a vehicle gathering, all which brought visitors and business to Sherborne.

Following a successful five years at the helm of Pack Monday Fair, Events Crew will be stepping down from their role following the 2022 edition and the successful completion of their contract.

Brent Mitchell, Managing Director of Events Crew comments: “We are extremely grateful to Sherborne Castle Estates and the Wingfield-Digby family for trusting us with this historic event over the last few years. The event this year was incredible and was busier than in previous years. There were new stall holders amongst many returning traders and this combined with the great weather gave a wonderful atmosphere.”

Mark Hoppe, of Events Crew comments: “Pack Monday Fair was a huge part of my childhood, and I was honoured to lead on the event in 2022. I would like to thank the team at Events Crew who have worked extremely hard to make this event happen. Pack Monday has always been a part of the community and a celebration of Sherborne, its history, and its people.”

Explaining the reason to step aside as organisers Brent believes it was the right time “When we took over in 2018, we tried to build on the previous versions and create an event that reminded me of growing up in Sherborne and we feel we have achieved that. Covid took away the 2020 event, but we came back stronger.”

Events Crew would like to thank the people of Sherborne, Sherborne Town Council, Sherborne Chamber of Trade, Dorset Police, Sherborne Community Kitchen, Abbey 104, Dorset Council Safety Advisory Group, and the businesses and shopkeepers of Sherborne. who without their support this event would not be possible.

A special thanks goes to Jon Andrews and Taff Martin who have been unwavering in their support over the last five years.

Released On 7th Nov 2022