Power Generation and Distrubution

With a range of options at our disposal, Events Crew can cater for all of your power needs. We hold a stock our own generators and work with trusted providers to meet higher demands whilst holding the rates. We have shipping containers full of our own distribution to be able to cable for some of the UK and Irelands biggest events. Our team of electricians are event professionals and understand the criticality of keeping your power running when you need it the most.


We stock from 6kva up to 150kva generators and transport around the UK from our base. Events Crew's skilled electricians can assess your needs and design your power plan for you.


With enough distribution to already cater for some of the UK and Irelands biggest events, we can provide the right solution to meet your specification. 


All of our electricians have multiple years of experience working across the full spectrum of events. Theatre, Film & TV, Fairs, Farm shows, Concerts, Running, Cycling, Swimming or in Stadiums, our skilled team will bring power to your event and ensure you keep on running with power.

Cable Protection

For the purposes of public safety and to prevent the trip hazard posed by running cable on an open access site, Events Crew stocks the necessary equipment to ensure a safe environment is maintained at your event, whether that be by use of cable walkover trays or, where the conditions permit, the temporary burial of cable by discreet ploughing.

Preferably, Events Crew will have designed your power plan to ensure minimal cable runs across public access routes, however in the event of an unavoidable cable run, Events Crew are well equipped to supply the necessary solution.