Sherborne Castle Fireworks 2020


Sadly, Events Crew in agreement with Sherborne Castle Estates have made the difficult decision to cancel Sherborne Castle Fireworks 2020.

With the increase in national positive cases and increasing local lockdowns, combined with ever changing government guidelines, hosting the event this year and without adding any adverse risks to the local population was not possible. The costs of running such an event are huge and many of these costs are escalating. The event would require a large financial outlay with no guarantee that it could go ahead.

The main source of income for the event is the many thousands who come through the gate. However, many choose to watch the event from outside the grounds. Whilst it may have been possible to light up the night sky above Sherborne and allow people to watch from the safety of their own location, sadly this option was not financially viable.

Since Events Crew took over Sherborne Fireworks it has always been run as a ‘not for profit’ basis, in order to give any money made back to support local groups. The origins of the event are with Pete Bryer and Sherborne Youth Club some 40 years ago, where members of Events Crew went and first became apart of this great local spectacle.

Last year was the 40th year of Sherborne Fireworks, was hampered by bad weather in the lead up but thankfully on the Saturday afternoon the rain stopped! The fireworks were again breath-taking and the whole evening was a fantastic family event. The event received great positive feedback and had many people say this was ‘the best year yet’ which was brilliant on the 40th outing.

Events Crew would like to thank Sherborne Castle Estates and the Wingfield-Digby family for hiring them the beautiful grounds and permitting them to hold the event there over the last 23 years. Thanks, must also go the hundreds of volunteers and groups for their support, Sherborne Town Council, Neil Fairclough and the Fireworks Team, the event contractors and the Schools of Sherborne. Finally, Events Crew would like to thank each and every one of you who has paid to attend and supported over the years.

Released On 5th Oct 2020