New Youth Club to be Main Beneficiary from Fireworks at Sherborne Castle

The new Tinney’s Youth Club based at the Sherborne Area Youth & Community Centre will be the main beneficiary from the Fireworks at Sherborne Castle event. Brent Mitchell a former Sherborne Youth Club member, the owner of Events Crew Limited who run the event and a trustee of the new local community group who are taking over the centre said ‘I have waited five years for the opportunity. Now we are able to really help the centre and the new youth club in particular to re-establish itself. My aim is to do my best to see that the new Tinney’s Youth Club returns to the glory days of the original Sherborne Youth Club’.

Now in its 37th year the Fireworks at Sherborne Castle event has grown tremendously and is now regarded as the premier event in the region with over £10,000 worth of fireworks used in the display against the stunning backdrop of Sherborne’s two castles. Up until 2011 it was staged by volunteers in conjunction with the youth club however when the decision was made to drop the event the team behind it, headed by Brent, decided to continue to run it on a not for profit basis in aid of local charities.

Following the announcement by Dorset County Council last autumn that they would be pulling out of the youth & community centre in Sherborne, Events Crew earmarked £5,000 from last year’s Fireworks at Sherborne Castle, to help the community group that had been set up to take over the centre. The funds were subsequently donated to the new charitable limited company once it had been formed. 

The chairman of the new Sherborne Area Youth & Community Centre, Russ King said ‘This is great news. We always hoped that this would happen. I am sure the people of Sherborne and the supporters of Fireworks at Sherborne Castle will be delighted to know that every penny raised will be going to Sherborne youth organisations’.  The other youth organisations who will be benefitting are the Sherborne Rugby & Football Clubs and the local Scouts who turn out on the night and afterwards to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Tickets can be purchased online at at a 25% discount until the end of the month.

Released On 23rd Oct 2016