A winter cleanse is good for the whole (event industry)

We are still busy at Events Crew HQ even in the wet, windy and cold weather. It may not be loading for a festival or sports event, a local council or private client everyday, but every winter the team take the quieter moments to have a thorough sort through the stock of fencing and barriers that we stock across our 8 acres of yard space.

The team have so far been doing a fantastic job when the weather has been in their favour, however as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder and wetter, it is at times not even possible to do some of the additional tasks on top of sorting through the barriers such as branding them with Events Crew stickers and hi-viz tape. 

This week we have spent some time converting the opening of one of our dry store areas into a sorting bay using a small number of our trusty Ground Guards to protect the internal floor. The team are loading in packs of pedestrian barrier, concorde barrier, heras fencing, chapter 8 barrier or steel hoarding and then going through each of them one by one to make an assessment on whether each item is fit for use at events or not. Those that are not suitable for events are graded into either of three other categories - construction, agricultural, scrap - construction grade being sold accordingly here, agricultural grade often sold to local farms and scrap taken away by local dealers. 

Please see the following images of the team in action, and contact us to enquire about supplying you with the fruits of their labour - our event grade stock.

Tags: Street Fair, Festival, Fireworks, Market, Series, Cycling, Running, Triathlon

Released On 29th Nov 2018